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There has always been a debate regarding if leadership is more nature or nurture. However, the argument presents a barrier to leadership, in that it narrows our view of leaders. The truth is: some leaders are born and some are made. There are natural-born leaders that enter the world with an inspirational gift to lead others....from Kindergarten recess, rallying their friends to all join them on the monkey bars to motivating colleagues and team members to put their "best foot forward" on a company project. Then there are leaders that start off "shaky" and manage to evolve from being self-motivated to do it all to delegating and empowering others around them to get in on the action. Whether or not you were born a leader or grew into leadership, both require development and the opportunity to lead. #leadership #softskills #softskillsdevelopment #bornleaders #developedleaders #stafflearninginnovations

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Interesting point! I've always had an appreciation for leaders who recognized their strengths and weaknesses as leaders and were able to delegate where necessary or work within their strengths.


This is important for those considering leadership, because just as there are varied types of leaders, there are obvious leadership styles that may or may not be derived from the origination of any given leader. Effective leadership requires a leader that can be equally as introspective as they are observant or supportive to the team or members there of.


LaDawn Robinson
LaDawn Robinson
Mar 03, 2018

Very true. Both need developing. Also, true leaders recognize qualities and strengths in others (who may not always be in "leadership" positions) and also assist in the development of their untapped potential. Great post!

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